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Thread: Local shooting

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    Local shooting

    So this past Saturday night, roughly 8pm, there was a shooting at a local Olive Garden here in town. The victim was pronounced dead at the hospital. No suspect at the time. Fast forward to Sunday morning, there had been an arrest in the case. The shooter was actually my old helper that worked with me directly for a year. I quit that company and went to another, and helped this guy get hired on. He worked at the new company for almost a year before getting fired for pulling a gun on his helper one night in their hotel room because he “spooked him”. I haven’t seen or heard from him since he was fired which has been close to a year. I’ve had issues with this guy in the past where it was game on, but he didn’t want to man up and throw down. After we resolved our issues, we became somewhat friends.... The sad part about this whole thing is I am the one who got him interested in shooting and wanting to go to the range to practice. He seemed like he had a decent head on his shoulders, maybe a little temperamental but would have never seen this coming. At the moment he is locked up with a 1 million dollar bail, but he is claiming self defense. Although after he shot, he left the scene, and was apprehended with the gun and a large bag of Marijuana packaged for distribution. According to witnesses, it was all because a 3yr old bumped into him, supposedly he pushed him/her down and said some racist crap to the kid when the mother/father stepped in. (The shooter is black, the victim was Mexican). I don’t see the self defense claim helping a bit when you run like that. I believe he just ruined his entire life. His next court date is March 7th. Needless to say, I feel horrible for ever introducing him to firearms.

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    Shooter's goose is cooked.

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    He didn’t have a gun problem, a drug or attitude problem sure. It’s not your fault, if he was dealing, he would have guns anyway.
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