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Thread: Range day

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    Range day

    Took out the Sig320 carry and my son took his Taurus 709 slim to Manchester firing line. Ran 300 rounds through the 320. It preformed perfectly. When I actually took my time I was about 1" low. When I rapid fired at 7 yards I ended up with a 4" group(15 rounds) within the POA area. My sons 709 was really a surprise. I had bought the mag extensions to help with control. I also bought an aftermarket pro-mag to check it out. The pistol did not care what mag was used. Fed perfectly. In 250 rounds he had 1 FTF. The strike on the primer was the same as all the rest, but no bang with CCI Blazer brass 9mm. Since this is not his defensive ammo, I'm not really concerned. Both the Taurus mag and pro-mag were tough to get 7 rounds into. So for today we were loading 6. I really hate to say this but his Taurus is more accurate. Hit at POA every time. Not low, not high. His average group was 2" in a vertical string. It is very easy to shoot and get back on target. The trigger is glockest as far as design, but almost feels like a single action in a striker fire. I was really shocked at my sons shooting. Great day overall (hour).

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    Sounds like a good day and time well spent with the son. My Ruger single stack mags for the LC9s are the same way, 9 round mags that will only take 8 rounds.

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    It’s always fun to shoot with family and friends! Glad to both guns and shooters did well!
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