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Thread: I want one of these BAADDD!!!!!

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    I want one of these BAADDD!!!!!

    While walking around at the NRA convention in Dallas last weekend,I saw a rifle that I'm in love with - A true Left Handed M14 made by Bula Defense Systems

    They offer it in 3 different forged receivers,the regular M14,a M21 DMR which has open sights with a see-thru piccatinny scope rail,and a XM21 which has no open sights and the picatinny rails are part of the forged receiver.
    I want one of the M21 DMR's myself,I'm just trying to locate one. The reps at the show said they sale for $1700,if that's true,I'm buying one!

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    that's a good looking rifle
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    I the M14, I own a couple mini 14s and love the feel over the AR style. That’s a good price, I see an LGS has a SOCOM for about $1600 I would love to have!
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