Interesting article about some folks in the Netherlands that were growing an organic gun powder, I’ve never heard of it myself.

Further investigations lead to an area of Greenhouses, where a Dutch company was reloading ammunition and growing suspicious plants.According to information in the Dutch magazine “De Groene Amsterdammer” the European Parliament has been taken by storm by the news.
The European Firearms Directive is a law of the European Union which sets the minimum standards regarding civilian firearms acquisition and possession that the EU Member States must implement into their national legal systems in 2018. The Member States are free to adopt more stringent rules, which leads to differences in the extent of citizens’ legal access to firearms within different EU countries.
However, it seems the European Parliament completely missed the possibility of civilians growing Gunpowder at home or even in industrial scale.During a raid in a warehouse in the small town of Strauch in The Netherlands, the Police found evidence of what they considered being the illegal manufacturing of ammunition.