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Thread: Bought me a new toy

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    Bought me a new toy

    Last weekend I went to the Ft.Worth gun show to kill some time. Wrong place for me to kill time!

    A friend of mine has one of these,and I really liked it when I shot it at his place a while back. So,While walking around I started looking at them,and found a dealer selling them for $349.00. SOLD
    So,I'm the proud owner of a new S&W M&P 15/22 rifle,along with a couple extra magazines.

    I get back home and take it apart,and clean it. Then take off the flash suppressor so I can screw on my Spectre II suppressor. I'll be damned,Why do companies thread 22 lr barrels the same length as a standard AR 223/5.56 barrel? A Rimfire suppressor doesn't screw on that far,so I take a couple crush washers and then screw the suppressor on. Not perfect,but it works!

    I shot 3 magazines of Sub-sonic and High velocity ammo out of it. Not a single hiccup,it fired,ejected,and fed flawlessly.

    It comes with Magpul BUIS sights,and after I shot it,I installed a spare QD riser and my ole trusty Sightron SII 4-16x42 AO scope on it. I still need to sight the scope in,but then I'm taking it to the ranch for some turtle extraction at the stock tanks.
    Silencerco makes a threaded spacer for the barrel,I ordered one,so that will fix the suppressor problem.

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    Very nice! Pretty quite when suppressed too!
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    My Grandson has one and............... Can't find all of the photos, but he took some 20 Columbian Ground Squirrels with it last summer. This shot is of the day I gave it to him.

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