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Thread: Favorite Beer/Libation thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irish Jack View Post
    SSG Doc, Lad, have you no concern for your health? No fat meat, no chili peppers no single malt whisky? Green beans cold fish and flat beer will surely be your demise. Repent now!!!
    To my defense Salmon is a "fatty" fish and the butter, olive oil and two cheeses in the risotto should make up for the evils of the rice and greens.

    The next night Carnitas were the meal, with peppers and onions. I skipped the beer that night, but my buddy had a Pacifico with lime.

    The single malt highland scotch comes out on rare occasions when I feel I need to be snatched back from the edge of death and back into good health.

    For me variety is the key word in my diet and favorite recipies. After traveling to several countries by submarine I've found my flavor palate has expanded considerably. I hunt down recipies to try to duplicate many of the favorite meals I've had. Can't find a good local supply of haggis to try to copy Country chicken I had in Edinburgh. I know it's not quite Irish, there Jack, but my Irish experience is limited to the airport in Shannon. I do appreciate a little Jameson's in coffee with some Bailey's which I tried on a layover there. I also understand the Irish distain for Scotch enough that the Scots don't use the 'e' when they spell Whisky, While the Irish do.

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    Well Ok you are forgiven. You can order ground internal organs and oatmeal AKA Haggis from a number sources. Shannon airport is nice but not a center of Celtic cooking. Go into town. Bunratty Castle is a neat 15th Century village. As for spelling Whisky it is more about England.

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    Jim Bean Apple is very good!

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    Zombie thread alert.

    Since 2015, I have gotten pretty familiar with quite a few alcohols. All I can say is, other than some of the fruitier ales, I cannot stand beer whatsoever. Even "good" German beer. I have found that I am definitely a fan of a good whisk(e)y though. Maker's Mark is my go to, but Jameson is damn good too. I've been wanting to try some Monkey Shoulder and Highland Park.
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    ever since the gallbladder surgery in Aug 16' i have had a love/hate relationship with beer

    i still love beer

    but i hate the wreckage it causes in my tummy
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    TWW if you like Makers give the Evan Williams 1783 a try, I think it is better and half the price.
    Lately my go to Kentucky has been Benchmark No.8, made at the same distillery as Pappy and Buffalo Trace and very smooth on ice. At $8.99 for a 750ml it is a bit emabarassing to purchase but I get over it pretty quick.

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