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Thread: the WTF news story of the day ...

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    Well, coulda been worse. She coulda gotten eye crabs.....
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    Leaping elk crashes research helicopter ...

    Wild deer jumps into chopper's tail rotor in Utah mountains, sending craft spinning to earth but causing the animal to die of its injuries

    An elk leaped into a research helicopter that was trying to capture it and brought down the helicopter in a collision that also killed the elk, authorities said Tuesday.

    The elk jumped into the chopper’s tail rotor as the aircraft flew about 10 feet (three metres) above ground in a mountainous part of eastern Utah, with its crew trying to drop a net on the elk, said Jared Rigby of the Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office.

    The two people on board weren’t seriously hurt, but the elk died of its injuries on Monday afternoon.

    this story has so much wtf 1.jpg i don't even know where to begin
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