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03-27-2014, 09:26 PM
A great rifle and a great round, one of the guns on my list.


Grumpy Old Man
03-30-2014, 10:11 AM
A great rifle and a great round, one of the guns on my list.


Beat me to the punch on that one. I just spotted it "in the wild" and was about to post on it, when I saw that you already had!

Good article, but if he's going to put "accuracy testing" in there, I wish he would tell us the conditions. So the bit about 1-1.25" groups at 10 yds, but able to hit a 4" can at 200 yds implies either a typo (should read 100 yds) or that he was firing from the shoulder under "real world" conditions in the first test yet was using a stable firing position for the other - otherwise his 1" group at 10 yds would open up to 20x that size at 200 yds. In my opinion the Minis have always gotten a bum rap on accuracy - mine always shot to better than 3" at 100 yds with irons and surplus service ball. Old spec on the Garands was 7.5" mean radius at 600 yds IIRC so that's a group of about 2.5" diameter at 100 yds. Thing is that's an average group size, meaning that it allows for some fliers. I always figured if a Garand with service ball would pull 3-4" at 100 yds I was happy. Figure a human torso is about 12" by 18" so if you can, on average, score a kill at 3-400yds with iron sights under real world conditions, you're doing well. Then figure you can do suppression, harassing, and interdicting fire to maybe double that range.

'Course a match rifle with match ammo under ideal conditions will do a good deal better than that.

IME even the worst Mini 14 can pull sub 3" groups out of the box with service ammo at 100 yds and my last couple have done better than 2" at that distance. And I've shrunk 'em to just under 1.5" at 100 yds when I was getting regular practice. That last half inch is the killer though - gonna have to rebed the stock to tighten it further. Of course that's the Mini 14 not the Mini 30. But the two systems are so similar I'd be amazed if the accuracy of the Mini 30 was significantly poorer.

After reading that, it makes me want to add in a Mini 30 tactical, but I really can't cost justify it. Already got the caliber covered with an evil-looking AK. And if I want a more saintly appearing rifle in that power class there's my 30-30.


Marlin 45 carbine
07-21-2014, 09:18 PM
since both you fellas are on the PU forum maybe you know that I own a M30. mine is the 189 series, s/s made in '92 (IIRC).
the quoted accuracy figures have me puzzled also.
from what I've read the early models of the 30 had a .308 bore and a long chamber throat which was detrimental to accuracy, I can't recall ever seeing one of those - or any other M30 at the firing range when I was present.
I can say that mine doesn't care for the steel-cased ammo - and black box wolf sucks. the better grades of steel cased shoot ok but still some misfires. this is silver bear and wolf military classic (camo box) - the only 2 I've shot EXCEPT the chinese (now banned) which surprisingly shot great and fired every shot!. I have a 'battle pack' of this 'stashed back'.
the best shooting ammo I've used have been the now-scarce Lapua and Sako mil-surp which is brass cased. close to it is the Yugo mil-surp brass but has mildy corrosive primes. not much of a deal to clean after if you know the drill. windex does the trick.
the handloads I roll also shoot good and i've had good results loading Speer 150gr flat-base soft points, at least on paper - I have'nt taken any deer/hogs w/it - yet, but have used the Winny 123gr sp on doe day takeing some with it, one shot kills. but I consider the slug too lightly constructed as all of them shed the jacket - which I found in the carcasses. one core was recovered also from a full front on shot down the gullet on a large doe running straight at me. stuck in the pelvic bone.