We at Molon Labe Forum will make every attempt to keep all posts and messages that could be construed as objectionable (obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening of any sitting/former politician, head of state or religious member, or any race, creed, color or belief) from remaining in public view, but it will be impossible for us to review and approve of every single post. In that effort we have made reporting features available for members of the Forum to assist in policing the site and helping us keep it clean of trash, both the written and breathing kind.

By joining and posting here, you are agreeing to abide by these simple rules of decency during your time with Molon Labe Forum:

1) Everyone has knowledge that can be contributed to a community of open minds. Some of that knowledge may have been gleaned from sources that perhaps were not the best, or perhaps was “correct” at the time of the published source. Molon Labe Forum is a community where these thoughts can be shared without being shunned or ridiculed just to make someone else feel “superior”.

2) There is nothing wrong with video games. However if your small arms knowledge was gleaned from playing them, please don’t be afraid to ask questions instead of making broad statements based on game play like “The Dragunov is the greatest sniper rifle ever” or “The Silverballer is the greatest pistol and is all I carry”.

3) Threads are going to get heated. Difference of opinion, differences in experience and just people’s view of the world basically guarantees that fact. If a thread gets heated and you can not find yourself arguing in a respectful and grown up matter (i.e. – resorting to calling names, picking apart someone’s spelling or questioning their family tree) you will be admonished with a time out or outright ban. Many generals, of many vast armies far greater than the power of your keyboard, have met on a field of battle and civilly discussed terms of both combat and surrender.

4) Trolls, like nose hair, Herpes, and a runny bowel movement, are a sad fact of life. If you are suspected of trolling, you will be given an opportunity to plead the case as to why you are not a troll. We reserve the right to go immediately to “Option 8” if you have not proven effectively that you are not a troll.

5) There will be no tolerance for doing something to a firearm, or other weapons system, that could alter its legality, or result in a catastrophic event. If you are new to firearms, we will explain why these are bad ideas. If you’re a Black Op ninja, and find that firing ammo not intended for the caliber specified on the firearm works for you, keep it to yourself, and blow your own gun up. We will not tolerate any attempt to circumvent the laws regarding firearms and/or putting our fellow community members at risk of legal trouble or personal safety.

6) Nobody here is a lawyer. If you are a lawyer, you’re still not a lawyer; you’re a guy on the internet who says he’s a lawyer. You are free to share your legal experiences, but be sure to preface that experience with the fact that you are not a lawyer. It doesn’t matter what a LEO told you in confidence. It doesn’t matter what you read elsewhere, this is not the arena for legal advice. The MLF Community exists to help and educate, but none of us are qualified to give legal advice for the town/city/county/province/region/state you live in, seek professional, local counsel.
And you’re still not a lawyer.

7) There is no “best” application for everyone. Please keep that in mind when you are answering questions or debating a topic. What works for you might be completely useless to someone half your size/weight/strength/experience. Treat each request for information as such to help keep this a community that helps one another, not one that tears itself apart from the inside.

8) Molon Labe Forum shall always strive to be a community where questions can be answered with the best FACTUAL knowledge available at the time. If you plan your time here at Molon Labe Forum to be one where you will be:
• Puffing out your chest & thumping it constantly with your opinion expressed as fact - OR
• Start flame wars, fire off snipe posts or act in a constantly rude, obnoxious or aggressive manner - OR
• Make constant claims about fabulous operational time around the globe, making impossible shots, owning every weapon known to man or being the best at everything - OR
• Pretending to be a Highlander with the knowledge of the ages contained in your posts (having been everywhere, done everything and know everyone) - OR
• are unable to produce any factual based evidence of the account(s), activities, or in support of your opinion of said claim when you are called on it, you will be given a chance to edit your post, or
you will be permanently banned.

9) At NO TIME will Molon Labe Forum become a breeding ground of ignorant, arrogant and/or biased opinion that has been expressed as “fact” without specific evidence to back it up. Bad information from an unreliable source is not a fact. Your cousin’s, best friend’s, neighbor is not a verifiable source. Keep your posts relevant to known facts or cite them as “your opinion only”.

10) If you can’t honestly say “I don’t know” or “That’s not really my area of expertise” than this is probably not going to end up being a good forum for you to look towards spending your time. We just may not be “awesome” enough for you and as such would like you to have the opportunity in advance to be happy…… on another forum more suited to your “expertise”.

11) – This is predominantly a gun forum FIRST with other areas of discussion sprinkled in to help pass time and inform our members. DO NOT confuse this forum with a place where you can spend 100% of your time in Political threads, baiting our membership into flame wars. This forum is Pro-Gun and we are decidedly against the likes of Obama, Feinstein and the rest of the gun grabbers. If you feel the Anti-Gun Movement is correct and you agree with all their talking points, we would like to extend the courtesy to you to be happy posting somewhere else.

12) The Pit - This is the last stop for those that have crossed the line and are on the verge of being banned. If you find yourself in "The Pit", you will be there for a duration of one week. During this time you will be given the opportunity to plead your case as to why you want to remain a part of this community. During your stay in "The Pit" only the Doctore and Spartan Elite will be able to see what is going on. This is done for transparency reasons. This way the members know why someone was there and the reason for a ban if it comes to that. While in "The Pit", nothing will be held back and nothing kept secret. We want it clear to everyone why a decision is made as opposed to a member just vanishing from the community. You have to go a long way to even get a warning PM here let a lone make it to "The Pit". If you do make it out of "The Pit" and continue doing the same things that got you thrown in there initially, you will be banned without another chance to redeem yourself. Transparency is the prime directive and redemption the ultimate goal. We know of NO other forum that gives a banned member the option of pleading their case openly and the possibility of redemption.